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Resources for Those Looking to Pursue a Career in Fashion

From designing shoes to merchandising the latest gear or promoting a new fashion label, there are a variety of careers available in the fashion industry. Most roles will fall under four main areas: retail sales, marketing/promotion, manufacturing and design. Knowing the ins and outs of each area, what’s required, how to gain work experience and what job prospects there are will help you to successfully pursue your career in fashion.

We’ve put together a handy guide of resources that will help you to pave your career in fashion, covering all aspects from what roles are available to where you can learn more about your chosen career.


Resources for Education in Fashion

These websites provide you with further information on some of the industry-leading institutions that offer the best courses in fashion:


Online Fashion Courses

If you want to dip your toe into fashion but you’re not wanting to embark on a full-time course at a university, or you’re looking to enhance your fashion career with some additional knowledge, here are some resources of online fashion-related courses that are available:

  • Academy of Art University - A number of online degrees are available including a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Fashion Journalism. The Academy of Art University is also the only fashion design college that shows at New York Fashion Week.
  • University of Fashion - With a large video library, you can take lessons on a variety of subjects which are taught by professionals. Subscriptions also give students access to fashion design tools, magazines, museums etc.
  • The New School - Parsons - This gives you access to a Parsons education from your own home, with degree and certificate programs being available as well as a number of additional online courses.
  • Universal Class - Fashion Design 101: An Introduction is a course that takes you through the basics of what it takes to be a fashion designer. The perfect stepping stone for someone considering a career in the industry.
  • Business of Fashion - An online platform that provides video content, online tests and live Q&A sessions. Lessons are taught by industry-leading figures and you’ll be provided with a BoF Education Certification when you complete the course.


Resources for Work Experience / Internship Opportunities

As with most careers, gaining work experience can improve your resume in leaps and bounds, so here are some helpful resources about work experience and internship opportunities:

  • Dream Careers - The internship program provided by Dream Careers gives you access to a number of premier fashion internships, from boutique shops to big label brands.
  • Internships - Providing access to all of the latest internships, you can narrow your search down to a specific area, or take in all of the opportunities available across the U.S.
  • Free Fashion Internships - This handy website provides you with a hub of all of the latest fashion internship listings that are available, covering everything from public relations to couture.
  • Indeed - While this is an online job board, you can also access internships by popping “fashion intern” into the search bar, along with your location. You can also create daily updates so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.
  • Go Overseas - If you want to embark on an internship but fancy tying this in with some traveling, Go Overseas provide access to a range of fashion internships that are available around the world.


Resources for Career Advice in the Fashion Industry

Understanding what’s available within the fashion industry before pursuing a career is key to making a decision about what courses / internships etc. you’re going to apply for. Below are some sites that offer handy advice on the types of career choices available, including salary expectations and job availability:

  • What Can You Do with a Fashion Degree? - These provide a guide on what you can do with a fashion degree, offering an insight into the various fields available, including marketing and publishing.
  • Career Profiles - With in-depth guides on a variety of roles, you can search for the positions you are considering, finding out what a job entails, what salary you can expect and what education / training you will require.
  • Harper's Bazaar - This article provides you with some motivational career advice from some industry-leading fashionistas and designers, including Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs.
  • Fashion Job Salary Information - Having surveyed 4,500 of their readers, you’ll find the average salaries for various jobs in fashion, from marketing to retail and editorial to creative.
  • Fashion Schools - This guide provides you with plenty of detail about what a career in the fashion industry would involve. It also offers individual career profiles on the various roles available, including Costume Designers and Fashion Writers.


Resources for Fashion Industry Resume Templates

Because fashion is all about creativity, it’s important that your resume stands out from the crowd and showcases your design innovations and creative juices. Here are some resources for finding inspiration for your resume:

  • Pinterest - Bringing together a vast array of different fashion resumes, this will provide you with plenty of inspiration when it comes to putting together a knockout resume.
  • Investopedia - This resource offers some helpful advice on what to include in your resume, including industry-specific keywords and how to set out the format.
  • Fashion Design Resume Template - Download some free resumes to get you started, or have a look at some more detailed, creative ones for inspiration.
  • Live Career - Cover letters are just as important as resumes and Live Career offer some templates which will show you what should be included, including applying for the role of a Fashion Designer.


Resources for Relevant Associations in the Fashion Industry

  • Council of Fashion Designers of America - With over 400 members which include jewelry, menswear and womenswear designers, this is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1962 to raise funds for industry activities and charities.
  • National Association of Schools of Art & Design - The NASAD establishes national standards for various credentials in art and design, including undergraduate and graduate degrees. They also offer support for institutions and individuals who are involved in art-based endeavors.
  • The Professional Association for Design - Accepting members from all backgrounds, AIGA is the largest and oldest professional membership organization within the field of design. They can help to enhance career development, provide inspiration, offer a greater understanding of the industry and also host a number of events.
  • The Fashion Group International - A not-for-profit organization, The Fashion Group International help their members to better themselves in their careers, providing advice on trends, a public forum, webinars and networking solutions.

International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives - Founded in 1910, IACDE is a global platform for suppliers of the clothing industry, technical executives / directors / engineers, technical designers and pattern designers. They provide local and global networking, an exchange of expertise and ongoing research and development in clothing manufacturing and design.

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