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Day to Night Jumpsuits

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By: Sonia Evers

Personal style is at an interesting intersection right now. On the one hand, we want to look like we aren’t trying when we get dressed in the morning. And on the other hand, we want our outfits to be cool, dynamic, interesting! So how do we navigate our wardrobes and dress like we didn’t think about it while simultaneously appearing as though we just emerged from a fashion editorial?

Consider the jumpsuit.

At its core, the jumpsuit isn’t revolutionary; we essentially began our lives wearing them. But unlike the onesies of our infancy, a jumpsuit is a statement no matter how you style it. It’s like a dress and a pantsuit had a baby. Even when worn in the most fuss-free way — i.e. with nothing but some shoes strapped to your feet — it has the same kind of look-at-me effect as a gown. But where a gown may seem totally out of place at 9AM on the subway, a jumpsuit fits right in. It’s a one-stop-shop that can take you from the office to a gala, which if you think about it is about as effortless yet cool and dynamic as a garment can get.

Let’s say you have a full day at the office ahead of you followed by a cocktail party with no more than thirty minutes between to change. Instead of lugging an entirely different “cocktail-appropriate” outfit with you to the office, opt to wear a jumpsuit and leave it up to the accessories to take you from day-to-night.

For the office hours, try a simple jumpsuit like this one with braided gold straps. I would wear the black one, but really, any of the three color options (black, red, and royal) will do. To make it more work appropriate, pair it with a black blazer, layered gold thin-chain necklaces, and green pumps — just to keep things interesting. Then, come cocktail hour, remove the blazer, swap out the necklaces for some large statement earrings, slip a couple of bangles onto each arm, and swipe an orangey-red lipstick across your lips. Because the green pumps were an unexpected choice in the daytime, they’ll work just as well in the evening, which means one less thing to pack for your commute!

Going to a Saturday barbecue followed by a date at a fancy restaurant? Again, consider the jumpsuit. This time, to mix things up, let’s say you want to wear this denim boiler suit. For the barbecue wear it with some white sneakers, a basket tote, and no makeup because it’s summer and your natural beauty is your best asset. Then, come date time, swap out the sneakers for some lace-up flat sandals, spritz some beach spray in your hair to give it a little va-va-voom, and add a peachy gloss to your lips. Thin gold hoops are optional, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

And there you have it, the crossroad of mindless dressing with a heavy dosage of flair begins and ends with your jumpsuit. Or should I say, jumpsuits, because there’s just no way I can only own one.


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  Sonia Evers is a writer who has been profiled by and written for Glamour, Refinery29, Style Stories, and other prominent publications. She studied studio art and art history, and has a Master’s of Fine Art in creative non-fiction from Sarah Lawrence College. Sonia has been covering fashion related topics for over 5 years.


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