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Rethink What You’re Carrying in Your Purse Now That Spring and Summer Are on the Way

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By: Sonia Evers

Continue reading for three items you should never be without plus a multipurpose product that will solve your body woes from head to toe!

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to New York eight years ago was that everyone goes through a biannual wardrobe swap. The second there’s a drastic change in temperature, people put everything else on hold to empty the bins beneath their bed and switch the clothes in their closet with seasonally appropriate apparel.

“Want to grab a drink later?”

“No, I can’t. I need to swap out my clothes.”

It’s common jargon for a common phenomenon, and it makes total sense! New Yorkers are notorious for being confined to small apartments with even smaller closets, so why would they cram their parkas next to their summer dresses? Not only would doing so slow down the process of getting dressed, it would add unnecessary clutter – something Marie Kondo wants nothing to do with.

The process of swapping clothes is therapeutic. It gives the mind an opportunity to start fresh and look upon old garments with a newfound love. I cannot explain the excitement I felt as I slipped my arms into my leather jacket last September after it had been stowed beneath my bed for four long and hot months.

What I realized after my first wardrobe swap was that my closet wasn’t the only thing that needed rejiggering. Everything I had been carrying in my purse needed an update as well. With spring on the horizon, now seems like the most opportune time to address the about-face your purse will need to undergo for the new, open-toe season. I can say from experience that there is nothing worse than strutting around in a new pair of clogs only to get a horrible blister and have nothing but toilet paper from a public restroom to cover it with.


So first things first: Toss a few Band-Aids in your bag. This tip may seem obvious, but it surprises me how many women I know who travel Band-Aid-less. If you aren’t helping your own feet by carrying a few, know that you’ll be saving the soles of another.

This brings me to an additional item that so many women seem to be without: the hair tie! While the beanie takes the cake for covering up a bad hair day in the depth of winter, a ponytail is your saving grace for a sweaty neck or untamable frizz. If you’re like me and hate the look of a hair tie on your wrist, toss a few in your purse. They’ll gather at the bottom like discarded coins and empty gum wrappers, but it’s better than being without one when you need one, right?

Dental floss is another thing that I like to have on hand during the spring and summer months, mainly because a lot of what I’m eating is more likely to get caught in my teeth (#corn). The good thing about floss is that it’s small enough to fit in even the most compact clutch and, should you find yourself without a hair tie, you can fashion one yourself by wrapping some floss around your ponytail and securing it in a sturdy knot.

While there are plenty of other swap-ins, such as seasonably appropriate lipsticks, gum, sunglasses, and sunblock, that you should add to your purse, there’s one multipurpose item that has seen me through countless springs and summers. I cannot leave home without translucent powder – specifically the one by Laura Mercier that comes in a mini size at Sephora. Time and time again, I have heard women complain about their handbags being stuffed with everything from bottles of Gold Bond to packets of blotting paper in order to deal with sweat and shine and everything else that comes with warmer months. But one container of translucent powder does all of that. If my hair looks a little greasy, I apply powder to my roots to absorb it. If my face gets shiny, which is inevitable in 80 percent humidity, I brush some powder on my T-Zone to even things out. And if my feet feel a little too sweaty in the aforementioned pair of clogs, I smooth some powder over them to reduce the rubbing and (hopefully!) prevent a blister. And even if I get one, I have my Band-Aids on hand.
  Sonia Evers is a writer who has been profiled by and written for Glamour, Refinery29, Style Stories, and other prominent publications. She studied studio art and art history, and has a Master’s of Fine Art in creative non-fiction from Sarah Lawrence College. Sonia has been covering fashion related topics for over 5 years.


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